Dina M - Age: 62

I am 62 years old and have never followed a skincare regimen before. I have been using Oraios Beauty products for 3 weeks now and I can't believe how wonderful my skin looks and feels. My husband and friends have all commented on the brightness and healthy glow of my skin. The difference is really is amazing. I am using Natural Azelaic Creamy Cleanser, Peptide Facelift Cream during the day, and Oxygen Lifting Cream at night. My skin has never been more hydrated. I was afraid I would break out from the added creams. I was so wrong! The Peptide cream has balanced my skin...no more dry areas and oily areas. Just a healthy soft texture that makeup glides over.

I have just started with the Oraios Beauty regimen but I will be adding everything Michele recommends. Michele is so knowledgeable and I trust her guidance. I didn't want to start with too many products and she has introduced me to the ideal beginning regime. I am absolutely thrilled with the results and know with more time my skin will continue to improve. Thank you Michele!

Kimberly M - Age: 49

I have always used quality skin care products, but Oraios Beauty has really stepped up my game.  The products actually perform better than advertised!  I love the Vitamin K Calming Milk in the morning and the Vitamin C Milk at night.  My absolute favorite is the Deep Palm because it leaves my skin looking and feeling fantastic with no greasy after effect!  These are now products I will NEVER be without!

Suzanne D - Age: 57

When it comes to results, personal attention, amazing products, and expertise in skin care then Michele is your go-to person. Michele has taught me proper skin care techniques and how to use the right products.  As a client of 30 years, I have aged yet my skin is remarkably beautiful considering my age. I look forward to exploring her new products and continuing to defy the aging process. 

Judy M - Age:59

I have used quality skin care products in the past and spent a lot of money along the way, but none compare to these high quality Oraios Beauty products.  And at a fraction of the cost!  I noticed results immediately after only a few days.  Now, I am 6 weeks in following my morning and evening regimes, and my skin never looked better!  I have skin issues and uneven skin tone on my face and body, and these products are literally clearing up my skin.  I never thought any product could do this!  Oraios Beauty products are pure magic and I absolutely love them all!  I am hooked for life!!


I LOVE all products, but these are my favorite and may be a bit much to include in the testimonial -

Natural Azelaic Creamy Cleanser, Pure Hyaluronic Serum, Lifting Serum, Vita K Milk lotion, Epidermal Cell Growth Serum, Peptide Facelift Cream, Ferulic C Serum, Deep Palm, Pigment Power Pads, 10% Glycolic Active Serum, and tinted lip and matte sunscreen!